Current Top Trends of Bridal Fashion in Canada

Colourful Alternatives to Traditional White

The traditional white wedding dress faces stiff competition from interesting powdery hues like blush and pale blue. The soft pop of color makes the bridal look unique without diverting too much from traditional expectations. Brides who prefer white also have plenty of variations to choose from. Shades like champagne, antique or parchment white, and diamond white are attractive alternatives to the previously popular stark white.

Pantsuits for the Modern Bride

Not all brides are fond of long flowing dresses and gowns. These women can make their pick from a wide range of smart pantsuits in white this year. The latest entries are smartly tailored, figure-flattering, and very stylish. Feminine elements, including embellishments and embroidery, add bridal flair to these modern outfits. Well-fitted tuxedo suits share space with different silhouettes, like white wedding jumpsuits and bridal overalls, so there is something for everyone.

Little White Dresses

Whether it is for a city hall wedding, a wedding at the beach, or for the reception, the little white wedding dress is an all-time bridal favourite. Taking note of this popularity, wedding fashion designers have created little white dresses in every imaginable length and silhouette. The hi-low hemline style continues to be a hit with beach brides and summer brides.

Wedding Capes

The wedding fashion scene is rife with layering; capes are accessories with great appeal. They add an instant touch of drama to the wedding outfit, and are particularly favoured with brides wearing strapless and sweetheart necklines. Chic and functional, capes enable the bride to transition from one look to another without hassle. Capelets, a diminutive version of the more billowing cape, are a beautiful alternative to the traditional veil. The most popular designs are sheer with pronounced illusion details.

Overlay Skirts

A close contender of magnificent capes, overlay skirts or “two-fer” wedding gowns are very popular on the bridal scene right now. Featuring a rich and poufy layer that flutters over a streamlined silhouette (like the sheath or mermaid), these dresses allow the bride to show off her sexy side in a subtle and stylish way. The two-in-one dress is a practical choice for brides who want to sport different looks for the ceremony and reception. While the overlay skirt has a traditional edge, detaching the overlay from the convertible gown will reveal a fashionable silhouette that is well suited for a modern reception.

Keyhole Necklines

Long thin slits in the bodice, paired with a high neckline, are fashion forward. This keyhole design renders a dramatic (but more demure) twist to plunging necklines. The effect is subtle (due to coverage at the neckline) yet sensual (thanks to the opening at the bust). It is a detail with glamour and is perfect for the contemporary bride.

Plunging Necklines

Revealing a good amount of décolletage, these necklines are usually fashioned in a V-shape. While jaw-dropping low necklines are great for the confident bride who wants to show some skin, there are also versions available with a modesty piece attached for brides keen on avoiding a wardrobe disaster on their big day.

Fluid Designs

With tiered skirts, tulle overlays, sheer details and capes, the emphasis today is on wedding dresses with fluidity and grace. Mixed textures added an ethereal touch to wedding dresses, as swirling and wave-like designs create an airy and floating look. These dresses do not weigh down the bride, but rather allow her to dreamily drift and move around.

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