Reasons Why Online Shopping irritate

I’m sure we all dabble in online shopping, it’s the main way we consume material goods in this generation. It’s a fantastic way to support artists and designers that aren’t normally in mainstream stores, but online shopping does have its flaws, quite a bit I might add. Online shopping can be the worst in many ways, it can drain our pockets and our self-esteem. Hopefully, with these points, you’ll be able to make the decision if it’s really worth shopping online when you could just make a fun trip to visit stores you love at your own pace. Saving money the whole way as well and time!

After reading this list I hope we all learn a few things when it comes to being very careful how we spend our money online! Online shopping is great if it’s going to the right place, but there are quite a few benefits to being in a store and being able to take in the surroundings, the quality of materials and trying on new things you never thought you’d actually like! Being able to make sure you fall in love with a unique garment before impulse buying is the whole theme of this article and hopefully, we can ban the online shopping vice we seem to have developed over the past few years. With that said, will you be trying to go out more and getting that perfect item you’ve been wanting for ages, or will you be sticking to the online shopping way?


Being able to see and feel the quality is one of the first major bonuses to shopping in real life and not on the internet. You can feel how soft or rough a fabric is when it might look the opposite to how it feels. When you actually take the time to visit a store you love, you have more of a chance to fall in love with an item of clothing that is physically there, rather than mindlessly shopping on the internet while relying on the small two sentence description when it comes to figuring out what the material actually feels like. If I were to buy a chunky knit sweater, I generally would prefer that that item of clothing be soft and comfy! But if I choose to buy online, I risk that that specific wool they use will be scratchy and uncomfortable to wear for longer than a minute! I rather take the time of finding a quality material that lasts and feels great.


It’s so much fun going to a beautifully designed store and just immersing yourself in the moment. Feeling the beautiful fabrics, talking to the great staff, and falling in love with unique pieces of clothing. More and more online businesses are setting up brick and mortar stores around the country to close the gap between online and real life shopping, that means there are more unique items available to you just like online! Being able to explore a new store and grab a coffee after is just pure heaven. It’s an amazing way to spend a Saturday morning as you casually make your way through the aisles! A major part of the shopping experience for me is to be present, in the moment, and in the beautiful environment, it gives so much more meaning to the pieces you pick out and you have a memory of the relaxing day as well!

Trying Things On

Having the chance to try on whatever you want from a store is another amazing benefit to shopping in real life and not on the web! You can see how the piece of clothing fits you and how it hangs, if it’s too small or too big! Everyone’s body is so different, even if we’re the same height and weight of a model on a website, our bodies are all shaped differently thanks to our genetics. The same weight and height body can even be different sizes, so it’s best to try on what you can to make sure it’s really worth your money! Being able to try on a dress makes all the difference in the world. I find that when I shop online, I rarely buy anything but tops and loose fitting clothes just to be safe because I know from experience that many dresses and pants are very unique in how they fit my body so I rather not waste the money.

Spam Emails

Don’t even get me started on the spam emails. When I was addicted to online shopping I would get so many spam emails that just started from innocent discount emails until they spiraled out of control. So badly I even had to change my email because even if I unsubscribed I couldn’t get them to stop! It was horrible! Another big reason why I love the joys of shopping in the real world, being able to shop in peace. While some might think that shopping online gives you the ultimate comfort because it’s in your own home, I’d have to disagree. Being able to be there and have an experience is what’s most important to me! Forget the spam emails and just enjoy the day out on the town!

Mindlessly Spending

Online shopping makes it very possible to spend more than you set as your budget, with constant flashy deals and sales, and most importantly how easy it is to shop! Being able to shop from your phone, tablet, and computer anywhere in the house makes the process too easy, so easy in fact that you’ll just end up spending more than you even should. You’ll end up buying that hat you probably will never wear because it’s just too small for your head or those shoes that just hurt your feet. I suggest going to a store and actually taking the time to try things on to see if they really do suit you. Things look so much better online than they do in most circumstances in the real world. Like I mentioned above, we’re all different, we all have different things we like and things we don’t like, how can you tell if you’ll be in love with a piece of clothing if you can’t experience it all first.

Meaningful Connections

Having a meaningful connection with a piece of clothing is a sure way to make sure you will actually wear it if you buy it. You might think I’m crazy but when you shop online there is actually quite a big disconnect between the love you feel between a new piece of potential clothing and yourself. Most people feel some sort of “falling in love” with an item of clothing when they see it and that usually only truly happens when you’re in person and can experience the item overall. Having a meaningful connection between a piece of clothing is usually what helps me save money and time since I refuse to buy anything unless I really do love everything about it and can see myself actually wearing it.

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