Secret small towns in Europe

1. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

There’s no other town in the world that I am more fond of than the quaint, charming, fairytale-like town of Cesky Krumlov in southern Bohemia. It’s as if you have stepped into a time warp – small cobblestone roads, bridges every which way you look, and no, there’s no McDonalds! It’s a great short day trip from Prague if you find yourself there but for the best experience, visit Krumlov in the summer season and raft down the Vltavy River.

2. Colmar, France

Situated in Alsace, Colmar is a unique blend of French and Germany architecture, culture and spirit. It’s as colourful in real life as it looks to be in the photos and is one of France’s true hidden gems.


3. Počitelj, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Located in the hills of scenic Bosnia & Herzegovina lies this magical little town you can enjoy almost all to yourself!

4. Hallstatt, Austria

The lakeside town of Hallstatt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has even been dubbed the prettiest lakeside village in the entire world. Whether you visit at summer or winter time, you are sure to fall in love with what will always be one of Europe’s most charming small towns.

5. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges has become incredibly popular for travellers looking to photograph the lego-like houses in the city centre (pictured above). It still remains to be one of Europe’s prettiest little towns, but is now more popular than ever.

6. Bled, Slovenia

There’s much to see and do in Bled, however the greatest attraction is undeniably Lake Bled – one of the world’s most stunning lakes and a favourite for visitors to Slovenia.

7. Bibury, England

This would indeed have to be the most photographed street in the Cotswolds! This small town is filled with old world charm and could very well be the most charming town in England!

8. Albarracin, Spain

Some would say Albarracin is the most charming village in all of Spain. It’s just a two hour journey from Valencia and a 30 minute train ride from Teruel.

9. Pucisca, Croatia

Croatia has well and truly opened itself up to tourism in recent years so it may not be as much a secret as it once was, however a visit to the Dalmation coast once in your life is an absolute must. It’s little gems like Pucisca that explain why!

10. Sintra, Portugal

Just a short half day trip from Lisbon is one of the most mystical little towns you will find in Portugal: Sintra! With its own castle located in the foggy hills, this town is a mystery waiting to be discovered.

11. Annecy, France

Annecy is built around a 14th Century Chateau and is arguably more charming than any other French town you will find. The town is also surrounded by the French Alps, making it even more picturesque!

12. Manarola, Italy

The image says it all – Manarola would have to be one of Italy’s most charming little towns on the coast. But there are so many more! Italy is filled with hidden gems to discover – be sure to take your time in this beautiful country!

13. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Think it’s difficult to say? It’s just as difficult to get here. This small town in Greenland can only be reched by taking a once-per-week flight from Iceland, then a helicopter ride to this small galacial town in Greenland. But of course, it looks to be worth it!

14. Reine, Norway

This small fishing village in Norway is SO picturesque – if a picture tells a thousand words, this would have to tell double. Stunning!

15. Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The small town of Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina has got to be one of the most underrated destinations in Europe. If you find yourself here, be sure to visit nearby Blagaj – another charmer!

16. Odense, Denmark

Although it is the third largest city in Denmark, Odense has a small town charm that can’t be found elsewhere in Denmark – a true treasure!

17. Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is home to around 230,000 people and is located in the Southwest of Germany – the picture says more than enough.

18. Annecy, France

The first time I stepped foot in Annecy I knew this would be a town I would talk about for years to come. Quaint, charming, and buzzing with excitement in the Spring time!

19. Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is one of Flanders’ two hidden delights (alongside Bruges). Just a short 20 minute train ride from its’ more popular neighbour, Ghent is equally charming however in a completely different way – be sure to visit to see why!

20. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is indeed the capital of Slovenia and thus a city as opposed to a small town, however it simple has to be included due to its’ small town charm – it is one of Europe’s most understated capitals!

21. Toruń, Poland

Situated in Northern Poland, this is one of the countries’ most charming towns (indeed, there are many of them). If you’re looking to get off the beaten path in Poland and away from popular Warsaw and Krakow, this would be a good place to start.

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